Check Out These 7 Tips for Better Checkout page Conversions

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Going to all the trouble and work of getting a prospective buyer to the checkout page, and then seeing them abandon the cart, as some 67 percent of them do, is a real problem.

Some of this is natural: second thoughts, distractions, and such. But what we want to minimize here is the things you may be doing to sabotage your own sales. Below are 7 ways to improve your checkout page conversions you might not have thought of.

7 Ways to improve checkout page conversions

  1. Offer free shipping – This is the top reason people abandon your shopping cart, as they don’t equate the dollars they are being asked to spend for shipping as a part of the value they’re getting. Studies even show that offering free shipping, even if it is less money than a proposed discount, is preferred. Perception rules here.
  2. Your text makes a difference – The words you use to sell and especially on your buy buttons can have a huge effect on your results. Be sure to test a number of choices before investing heavily in ads.
  3. Don’t ask for too much information – This is another biggie. In this day and age of no privacy, asking for more than you need is a red flag. It can and does make people leave, and go to another merchant.
  4. Use seals and badges – If you have any Trust seals or verifications by any internet security companies, display those prominently on the checkout page, together with restating of your guarantee.
  5. Include a way to contact you – Providing people with an easy way to contact you if they need more information makes a lot of sense, whether it is via email, phone or FAQ page.
  6. Employ images – People want to see what they’re getting, so try to include a small product image on the checkout page for reassurance.
  7. Consider live chat – Sometimes people just need a live touch form another human to get them to pull out the credit card. Offering a live chat solution can be just what they need to make a decision in your favor.

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