Online versus Offline Marketing

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If you are effectively marketing your organization, you are surely doing online promotions. After all, 81 percent of consumers go online for research before making any large purchase. That doesn’t mean that offline marketing is less important, because when you incorporate online with offline, you will see massive gains in your local marketing efforts.

47536#1 Generate Offline Events, Market Them Online

Creating and hosting a celebration is a fast way to get new customers in the door. Whether you are offering a free class or just hosting a networking event for local professionals, the additional name recognition will certainly be worthwhile.

You should market your event by more than just using simple flyers, newspaper ads or bulletin board postings. Use Facebook to make an “Event Page,” mention the event on all of your social media channels, employ blogs to let consumers know how to prepare and even drop a few dollars on promoting the event using Facebook or Google Ads.

shoutGet Word-of-Mouth to the Online Domain

Many businesses get a ton of promotional momentum from word-of-mouth marketing, but why wait for it to spread organically? Instead, snag a video of a patron speaking with one of your best employees. Since you now have the camera out, take a moment to interview a happy customer or simply take a photo of them enjoying your product. Content consumers are a powerful tool for marketing both on and offline.

62157   Use Calls to Action Offline to generate Traffic Online

Calls to action are often associated with online videos and blogs. The truth is, these calls work well with traditional offline marketing too. From TV commercials to billboards, tell people to view your social media pages or website. Naturally, some incentive in these calls to action goes quite some distance, but make sure the Ad spend is worth it.

No advertising campaign proves dominant with one marketing plan. For this reason, you need to make the most of your marketing efforts both on and offline to garner success.

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